Freeman Cruisers

Built between 1957 and 1983, Freeman Cruisers are classic boats which have retained their popularity and hold their value.  This is due to the quality of craftsmanship and their timeless design.  They are exceptionally easy to manoeuvre  making them ideal for novices. 

Robert has worked on Freeman Cruisers for more than 40 years and knows and loves them well. 

His long experience means that he can identify problems and provide the advice and support you need, particularly regarding mechanical and electrical  aspects.   He can also advise on conversion from petrol to diesel and the best ways to maintain your boat.

We can supply most spare parts for engines and boat fittings.

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Robert Paul, Marine Engineer and Boat Safety Examiner, Ludham Bridge, Norfolk, UK.
tel 01692 630322 , 07768108818